Costs + Planning

We understand the difficulty some families find themselves in over the payment of the funeral account. If you have concerns regarding the payment of funeral expenses it is important that you discuss this with us as early as possible, as we are able to offer advice on ways to keep the funeral costs to a minimum.

We provide a funeral to suit your needs and your financial circumstances. There are ways of keeping costs to a minimum.

The following will help you understand how normal costing’s work:

Your Funeral Director incurs costs for service and also acts as an agent for other suppliers, so the invoice you’ll receive is really three accounts in one:

  • The funeral firm’s charge for their services.
  • The Casket
  • Disbursements, which are any items paid out by the Funeral Director when acting as an agent for the family (such as flowers, newspaper notices, toll calls, catering, Crematorium, or Cemetery fees.).

Your funeral account is actually three accounts presented as one. .


Remember the following:

Your Funeral Director can provide a service to suit both your needs and your budget.

If you have any financial concerns let your Funeral Director know your concerns as soon as possible because he or she can guide you and possibly suggest agencies which you might approach to assist at this trying time. i.e. WINZ; RSA;

If you would like a more accurate assessment of pricing that suits your individual needs, either e-mail us or fill in the Planning Form and we will give you a free estimate.