Personalising Funeral Services

Many people are turning away from traditional rituals of funeral ceremonies in favour of more personal expressions designed to reflect the individuality of the deceased.

At Hall & Co Funeral Directors we respect the wishes for people to have the funeral of their choice.

Alternative Funerals are just another way that people can express their individuality. You may call the service ” A Celebration of the Life of”……

Think of a place to hold the service that would be relevant to the deceased.

Talk to us about your preferences and ideas and we will listen and help you put you ideas in place.

Today people find the most meaning in funeral services when they are personalised.

Your surviving family and friends will most likely want to provide a personalised service that they think you would want. It brings them comfort to make this fulfillment in your remembrance. By making your own arrangements you will personalise your services the way you want them to be and your surviving family and friends will find comfort.