Benefits of Planning

There are many benefits to pre-arranging funeral services. When you express your wishes and make arrangements in advance, funeral services become a tremendous source of comfort and encouragement to loved ones. Hall & Co Funeral Directors has been helping Canterbury and South Island families pre-arrange their funeral and burial services for more than 20 years. Pre-arranging funeral and burial services is almost as common in people’s life plans as as making your Will or insurance and estate planning.

Ease the burden on friends and family
Most people don’t like to talk about death, yet when it happens, our families are left to worry about details and/or money regarding our funeral services. There are so many decisions to make and often very little time to make them. As well, your family will want your wishes to be fulfilled.

Give your self time to make decisions
There are many decisions that need to be made in a short amount of time following a death. Should I be cremated or buried? Do I want, a public or private service? Do I want a religious service or good old party. What type of casket do I want? Would I like to be viewed after death. How much do I want to spend on all of the funeral services? Where do I want to be buried or cremated? What sort of memorial would I like? Pre-arranging your funeral services provides you time to think about the options carefully.

Personalised as per your wishes
Today people find the most meaning in funeral services when they are personalised. By making your own arrangements you will personalise your services the way you want them to be..

Life has a way of making changes for us. Even if you find the perfect burial location and plan exactly the funeral service you want now, you may change your mind later. This is no problem; we can help you change your plans. This way, as your life changes, so can your funeral arrangements.

Hall & Co Funeral Directors will help you with your planning. Just contact us by phone or fill in our planning form and we will contact you.

We listen to all details no matter how small.