Burial or Cremation

Probably one of the first decisions you will need to make will be,
did the deceased wish to be buried or cremated?

A funeral service for cremation is the same as that for burial, apart from the form of committal, ie the words spoken at the end of the service farewelling the spirit.. The service may take place in church with a short committal service at the crematorium chapel or the entire service may be conducted elsewhere. After the service the casket is taken to the crematorium’s committal room where its name plate is checked with the cremation order to ensure correct identity. The casket is then identified with a label, which includes all relevant information. This stays with the casket until the final disposal of the cremated remains. The casket and handles are cremated with the body. When cremation is complete, the remains are withdrawn for placement or burial. The cremated remains is usually the responsibility of the family/administrators of the estate.

The Harewood Crematorium Chapel
The Harewood Crematorium Chapel

At Hall & Co Funeral Directors we use the services of the following Crematoria:

Christchurch/Canterbury Crematoriums:
Canterbury Crematorium
Harewood Crematorium
Mainland Crematorium

Other South Island Crematoriums:
Dunedin Crematorium
Nelson Crematorium
Sailsbury Park Crematorium (Timaru)
Alexandra Crematorium
Southland Crematorium
Westland Crematorium



There is a wide choice of cemeteries available, each governed by a Local Council. Also, for servicemen/women a service section of a cemetery is often available. Locations, day and times permitted, are available from our office.

Cremated remains can also be interred at a cemetery, whether in a family plot, or an ash plot area.

For more information on Cemetery Services please contact our office by:
Phone 0800 86 33 78 or email us.