Eco Friendly Options


We have a number of options available to ensure your loved ones farewell is environmentally friendly and cost efficient through following our eco friendly choices.

Body Care:

In New Zealand Embalming evolved as the ‘normal thing to do’ mainly because there is a high percentage of viewing in this country, and it gives funeral directors peace of mind. Politely put, it removes the likelihood of unfortunate events (and odours) so the funeral director can do their job with confidence in a professional manor.

Here at Hall & Co Funerals we have eco friendly body care options available. We put the emphasis on washing hair, cleaning the body, including mouth, eyes and nose with eco friendly shampoo’s and soaps to provide preservation of the deceased we generally use temperature control, however if embalming is required there are products available to us which are eco-friendly. We evaluate every deceased person and provide the family with recommendations as to the best preservation, presentation and sanitation options for their deceased loved one within the bounds of being environmentally friendly for the purposes of viewing.

Caskets & Urns:

Here at Hall & Co Funeral Directors we have a wide range of Eco Coffins which can be viewed here.
Urns are small, so the environmental impact will be minimal. However, there are choices – you have the power to discourage the continued use of ‘standard’ plastic urns (the default container if you have not purchased an urn) by choosing an alternative. Alternatives range from cardboard / paper based containers through to urns designed to be on display and keep ashes for long period of time such as our Scatter Urns and Moses Willow Urns.


Cremation is used in over 70% of New Zealand funerals. It has been seen as being more environmentally friendly than conventional burials but like many things; it’s not that simple. Cemeteries vary in their environmental impact (the way they are maintained, administered and the land they occupy). Cremators vary also – new installations are likely to be cleaner burning than old ones and use less energy. In Christchurch the options are: Mainland Crematorium, Harewood Crematorium and Canterbury Crematorium – however Mainland Crematorium offer a modern crematorium which cremates eco friendly caskets.It is also worth thinking about what clothing you choose for your loved one to wear in the casket, with natural fibres. Also items left in the casket such as cellphones, plastics etc.

Eco Burials:

A requirement of natural burials is that no embalming take place and that an eco casket must be used. At present there are no natural burial grounds in the Canterbury Region, however you can have a natural burial in a normal cemetery using an eco friendly casket.


Often flowers are used on the casket. There is nothing wrong with this… but if the flowers were air freighted rather than grown locally it seems an unwise use of fossil fuel. At any time of year our competent florist can make a beautiful casket arrangement using seasonal locally grown materials. The use of native plants including flaxes can compliment any casket without harming the environment. It’s an easy win.

Service Sheets:

We recommend the use of recycled paper for any funeral service.


For those concerned about the environmental impact of our vehicles, firstly we use eco-friendly car wash products as a rule. You cannot be 100% eco friendly with your vehicles, however there is an option to purchase carbon credits to offset the use of the carbon used on your loved ones funeral.We do endevour to keep the mileage of our vehicles to a minimum along with driving fuel conscientiously.