Funeral Grants


When an adult or child dies, his/her spouse or parent or the executor of the estate can apply for a Funeral Grant to assist with funeral expenses. You may be eligible for a funeral grant of up to $1971.37 to assist with funeral expenses (correct as of June 2013).

Work and Income Funeral Grant Application Form

Requirements before Work and Income will process the application:
(Your Funeral Director will help you with this claim.)

  • Proof of death:
    eg death notice, newspaper notice, funeral director confirmation.

  • Proof of funeral expenses

  • Proof of assets as at the date of death:
    eg bank statements for all accounts

  • Proof of income:
    (if you are the partner or parent of the person who has died)

  • Identification for yourself.



Getting help after someone dies from an injury

If the Accident Compensation Corporation has accepted a claim for accidental death, they can help pay for funeral expenses, up to a maximum of $5879.81. By funeral expenses they mean burial or cremation and the related ceremonies, including specific religious or cultural requirements.

Our Funeral Director can help complete these forms for you

There are other ACC benefits to partner and children available.

Requirements before ACC will process the application:

  • Death Certificate.

  • Proof of accident (coroner’s report / newspaper report etc.)

  • Proof of residency (passport / birth certificate etc.)

  • ACC Advice of Fatal Injury Form

For further information on assistance and plots please contact your local welfare officer or visit the RSA Website.