Benefits of Planning


There are many benefits to pre-arranging funeral services. When you express your wishes and make arrangements in advance, funeral services become a tremendous source of comfort and encouragement to loved ones. Hall & Co Funeral Directors has been helping Canterbury and South Island families pre-arrange their funeral and burial services for more than 20 years. Pre-arranging funeral and burial services is almost as common in people’s life plans as as making your Will or insurance and estate planning.

Ease the burden on friends and family
Most people don’t like to talk about death, yet when it happens, our families are left to worry about details and/or money regarding our funeral services. There are so many decisions to make and often very little time to make them. As well, your family will want your wishes to be fulfilled.

Give your self time to make decisions
There are many decisions that need to be made in a short amount of time following a death. Should I be cremated or buried? Do I want, a public or private service? Do I want a religious service or good old party. What type of casket do I want? Would I like to be viewed after death. How much do I want to spend on all of the funeral services? Where do I want to be buried or cremated? What sort of memorial would I like? Pre-arranging your funeral services provides you time to think about the options carefully.

Personalised as per your wishes
Today people find the most meaning in funeral services when they are personalised. By making your own arrangements you will personalise your services the way you want them to be..

Life has a way of making changes for us. Even if you find the perfect burial location and plan exactly the funeral service you want now, you may change your mind later. This is no problem; we can help you change your plans. This way, as your life changes, so can your funeral arrangements.

Hall & Co Funeral Directors will help you with your planning. Just contact us by phone or fill in our planning form and we will contact you.

We listen to all details no matter how small.


Planning Options



The idea of pre-arranging and pre-paying a funeral often strikes people as new and different. In fact, funeral plans were introduced in NZ over 50 years ago.

Making an Advance Funeral Arrangements Plan is not the kind of thing you do every day. You might feel a little nervous about discussing the details. Like most people, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it actually is.

Call in and see the friendly people at Hall & Co Funeral Directors, or if you feel more comfortable sitting down and talking over your plan at home, we’ll be happy to visit at a convenient time. We’ll listen carefully to everything you have to say, including all the items that may seem small but are important to you. We will, of course, offer all the advice you need, but we will never forget that it’s your Plan, not ours.

These days we plan for so many of life’s future events, holidays, weddings, we even plan for events we wish may never happen, like fires, sickness and accidents.

Pre-paying our funeral can also be seen as part of this. It can help provide your family with a sense of security, knowing that yours and your family’s needs will be looked after.

We would like you to remember that, if at any time in the future, you’re unhappy about any detail of your Plan, we will be happy to make any changes for you, however small.

One of the most difficult aspects to planning a funeral is simply knowing where to begin.
As funeral directors. we can assist in answering any questions you may have about prepaying a funeral. This brochure is designed to inform you about the many benefits you will receive by prepaying your funeral.

Start planning today…although there are many decisions to be made when arranging a funeral, as experienced funeral directors we can assist you in all stages of planning.
Some considerations to start your planning are:

Would you prefer burial or cremation?
Are there certain religious or fraternal customs to be followed?
What type of casket/coffin would you prefer?
Do you wish to involve a specific organization or club in the service?
Do you wish to name pallbearers?
Do you wish to be buried in particular clothing or jewellery?
Are there any special readings, biblical passages or musical selections you prefer?

This list is far from complete, but gives you an idea of the various features about your funeral that you may wish to consider.

Consider some advantages of Pre-arrangement:

Your Peace of Mind: often we have special wishes concerning our funeral. Decisions made early provides you & your family with the comfort of knowing that everything will be taken care of correctly. Your Family: without a doubt, the most important reason for pre-arranging your funeral is to spare your family many difficult decisions at a very emotionally trying time. During this stressful time, when reason is clouded, even the most sincere desire to create a fitting tribute can result in emotionally compelled overspending and other regretful decisions.

Your money is secure in a separate Trust Fund:
Your money is placed in a secure Trust Fund, professionally managed and independently run which guarantees your money will be available to pay for your funeral. Hall & Co Funeral Directors can only access these funds by producing a Death Certificate and a Funeral Invoice to the Trustees.

Hall & Co Funeral Directors is a totally owned and operated Canterbury company.

Questions we all share:

“I would like to pre-arrange, but what if I move?”
Because of the flexible nature of our pre-arrangements, your preferences for pre-arrangement may be transferred at any time in the event you move. We can recommend a reputable funeral home in your new community.

“What if I pre-arrange in my community and then die away from home?”
If you are travelling or visiting another city when death occurs, your survivors should contact our funeral home immediately. We will make all necessary arrangements for transfer to your local funeral home.

“Will the price of my pre-paid Funeral Plan increase in the future?”
No. Our Fixed Price Pre-paid plan is just a one off payment, with no further payments, ever, unless you wish to change the arrangements to incorporate additional services. With our Part Payment Plan the future end cost of the funeral is not guaranteed until the full amount has been paid. Any cost increases which may occur will be added to the initial cost of the funeral quotation. Our Part Payment Plan is an estimate and the costs are subject to price increases over time.

“Can Hall & Co Funeral Directors gain access to the Prepaid Funeral funds held on my behalf, at any time before my funeral?”
No. Hall & Co Funeral Directors are only able to access the money when a death certificate is provided which states that the death of the insured has occurred.

“What would happen to my funds if Hall & Co Funeral Directors went out of business?”
Hall & Co Funeral Directors has been operating for over 25 years and is still going strong today. In the unforeseen situation of the company ceasing to trade, the Trustees of the Prepaid Trust, where your money is held, would simply revert those funds back to the policy holder. This would allow another funeral director of your choice to carry out the funeral arrangements.

“Is any personal tax or capital gains tax payable on my pre-paid funeral funds?”

“Is my investment regarded as an asset by Government and will it affect my pension entitlement?”

“What if I wish to add services to my Plan?”
We can arrange to add additional services to your Plan and we will advise you of the cost.

“How will my family or Executor know what to do in the event of my death?”
When you take out a Plan a duplicate copy of your arrangements is available to pass to a family members, friend or Executor. It will give them all the details and tell them exactly what to do and what number to call in the event of your death. When the time comes it will only take on phone call to us to activate your Plan.

Few people can know the timing of their own death in advance. It is possible to make preparations to ease the burden that will fall on your next-of-kin. By clicking on the link below and completing the enclosed questions, you will ensure that your wishes are known by those who are left to organise the details when the need arises.

The following form has been produced to enable those who wish to record their personal details and wishes for their funeral to be able to do so at their leisure.

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